Effect of Media Advertising and Other Sources on Movie Selection

Dennis Haggerty

September 10, 2022

The effect of media advertising and other sources on movie selection is a topic of considerable interest. A wide range of factors influences movie selection, including product placements and personal influence, as well as the effect of trailers and interpersonal communication. This article explores these influences to offer insight into the selection process.

Effects of media advertising and other sources on movie selection

Media advertising and other sources can influence movie selection. Media advertising and other sources can influence movie selection by determining a particular movie’s popularity. In addition, they can influence a movie’s popularity by choosing its ads’ length and level of motion. Sample usage statistics for one film are shown in the following table.

Interpersonal communication influences movie selection

Interpersonal communication is the process by which people interact with others. It is a two-way process, and several factors influence this communication. One of these factors is the environment in which people interact. For example, a supportive or defensive climate will affect how people respond to each other. Another factor that influences this type of communication is the identity of the people involved. This means that both the actors and the viewers should be aware of their identities.

Product placements increase or decrease movie revenues

Product placements are advertisements inserted in media programming, hoping consumers will notice and purchase them. These placements can increase or decrease movie revenues, depending on whether they increase or decrease consumer utility. A study of the effectiveness of product placements in movies has found a positive relationship between product placements and movie revenues. However, excessive placements can decrease movie revenues.

Product placements are a tricky marketing strategy that is difficult to perfect. Therefore, it is essential to test it first. Often, filmmakers receive no payment for the exposure of their products, but the films will still receive exposure. Product placements can also introduce complementary products and services to moviegoers.

Trailers influence movie selection

It is no secret that movie trailers are a significant part of marketing campaigns. The visual elements of these trailers convey the essence of a film. Before the advent of television and the Internet, theaters showed movie trailers before feature films. This trend became widespread in the 1970s and increased the movie industry’s awareness of the trailer’s potential to influence movie selection.

Film trailers are often designed to emphasize the film’s quality, spectacle, and narrative while leaving plenty of room for the audience to fill in the blanks. In this way, movie trailers have a significant influence on movie selection.

Word of mouth influences movie selection

The relationship between word-of-mouth and movie revenue has been studied in various studies. The authors conclude that word-of-mouth plays a vital role in the success of movies. In one study, word-of-mouth was the most critical determinant of movie success. The study used a between-subjects factorial design, in which participants were given either positive or negative information about a movie.

However, despite its significance, there are some complexities regarding the effectiveness of word-of-mouth. First, research on the effects of word-of-mouth on film selection should identify individual differences among moviegoers. Second, it should forecast which movies would influence different groups of people and, most importantly, what mechanisms would sustain the changes.