About Me

Dennis Haggerty is an entrepreneur from Virginia with an array of businesses in his portfolio. Healthcare, media, automotive: he’s leveraged his acumen and experience to build several successful brands under his umbrella.

Education and Background

Dennis Haggerty comes from humble roots. Living in a rural area, he was the first in his family to graduate from college. After earning his degree in accounting from Virginia Tech, he traveled to Chicago to pursue his professional dreams. This Midwest city represented an opportunity for Haggerty. He saw this business capital as a place to realize the American dream, one that promised fulfillment through hard work.

Current Role and Duties

Dennis Haggerty is currently pursuing a variety of professional goals, including pharmacogenomics testing. This branch of medicine studies how the body breaks down different medications. The metabolic process is critical to protecting patients from dangerous side effects, particularly as it pertains to their genetics. However, it’s particularly useful for seniors, as they may have comorbidities or conditions that cause adverse reactions. Haggerty is an innovator and, as such, is always on the lookout for his next opportunity. He's built a degree of flexibility into his pursuits, so he's always ready for what's on the horizon.

Career History

Dennis Haggerty began his career at ARC Reprographics, where he would learn the financial side of the business exceptionally quickly. His degree in accounting certainly helped, but Haggarty was also an expert at grasping more than just numbers. His dedication and commitment would eventually earn him the title of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). From there, he expanded his skills by moving to AL Media, where he would maintain the CFO designation and pick up the additional honor of Media Director.

As one of the top political media firms in the country, Haggerty managed more than $1 billion worth of campaigns. Senators, presidents, and representatives relied on his expertise to reach their target voters. Dennis was a master at absorbing the nuances of different voter bases and how they changed over time. He ensured that every new strategy incorporated the fundamentals of these shifts so that each ad was as impactful as it could be.

As Dennis Haggerty spent his time learning the ropes of corporate and political America, he found he wanted more from his career. He decided to open his own business in 2007. Dubbed @Media, the company offered integrative marketing services to clients so they could grow their revenue and expand their influence. Haggerty built his company from one man to a full team, and people quickly began to recognize him for his tireless efforts to get the job done.

Professional Skills and Experience

Haggerty Jr. has long prided himself on a steadfast work ethic and a penchant for industry prediction. This instinct is what made him such a force in the advertising world. Politicians and businesses alike have to factor in how their voters and customers make decisions today, but they also have to consider what kinds of cultural changes will be on the rise tomorrow.

When Haggerty became his own boss, he knew how branding and repetition would resonate with different demographics. (Just because two people made a similar income and lived on the same block, it didn't mean they would respond to the same message on the same platform.) He had to be aware of when people tuned out information and why. He also had to know what would prompt them to start paying attention again. This would turn out to be the crux of his career. Not only did he have a natural talent in this area, he also had the wherewithal to keep going back to a problem until he managed to work out the solution for himself.


Haggerty has worked his way through the ranks at his previous companies, as well as within any industry he sets out to conquer. Throughout his career, he was never afraid to branch out. When he started an automotive venture, Car Dealer Benefits, he had very little experience in the field. As that endeavor grew, he decided that healthcare was the next sector he wanted to conquer.

This would turn out to be a lucrative decision for his portfolio, as his focus on genetic testing was the key to making relationships in the world of telemedicine. While he wasn’t able to predict the pandemic, he could how technology was advancing healthcare. When services or prescriptions were still difficult for many people to access, Dennis Haggerty Jr. saw that virtual appointments would be key to leveling the playing field for patients of every background.

Once COVID-19 took over, Dennis’ healthcare company would go national. The exponential growth and success made it essential for Haggarty to scale his services. Thankfully, he had the experience with what to do when your company is in high demand. As a former CFO, he knew how to manage his revenue so it would last. As a former CEO, he knew how to work with people to meet his customers’ expectations. Throughout it all, Dennis Haggerty Jr. not only stayed cool and level-headed through every career twist, but he also thrived amidst the challenges.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Dennis Haggerty may like to work, but he also knows the value of balance. After he became a father, he allowed his personal life more influence on his career. Much like when he held his first few roles, he had foundational beliefs that would drive his everyday routines.

He started with a very simple premise: those who are given a lot have an obligation to give back. Haggerty realized that people were counting on him to share his wealth, and he was counting on himself to do the same. It wasn’t long before he was donating both his time and money to causes he believed in. This included giving to shelters that promoted adoption as opposed to euthanasia. He also looks for ways to help everyday people, as he knows what it means to start off with very little.


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