Dennis Haggerty

is an entrepreneur from Virginia with an array of businesses in his portfolio.

About Me

Dennis Haggerty is an entrepreneur from Virginia with an array of businesses in his portfolio. Healthcare, media, automotive: he’s leveraged his acumen and experience to build several successful brands under his umbrella.

Education and Background

Dennis Haggerty comes from humble roots. Living in a rural area, he was the first in his family to graduate from college. After earning his degree in accounting from Virginia Tech, he traveled to Chicago to pursue his professional dreams. This Midwest city represented an opportunity for Haggerty. He saw this business capital as a place to realize the American dream, one that promised fulfillment through hard work.

Current Role and Duties

Dennis Haggerty is currently pursuing a variety of professional goals, including pharmacogenomics testing. This branch of medicine studies how the body breaks down different medications. The metabolic process is critical to protecting patients from dangerous side effects, particularly as it pertains to their genetics. However, it’s particularly useful for seniors, as they may have comorbidities or conditions that cause adverse reactions. Haggerty is an innovator and, as such, is always on the lookout for his next opportunity. He's built a degree of flexibility into his pursuits, so he's always ready for what's on the horizon.

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